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Joey Sturgis Drumshotz Bundle

Master the Art of Heavy Drum Mixing with Joey Sturgis Drumshotz

Unlock the full potential of your drum mixes with the Joey Sturgis Drumshotz Bundle. This powerful collection, handcrafted by RIAA Certified record producer Joey Sturgis, is designed to add depth, punch, and consistency to your tracks, perfect for metalcore, hardcore, and beyond.

Drumshotz Joey Sturgis Fire Edition:

  • Explosive Drum Samples: 57 high-quality samples in 48 kHz 24-bit WAV format, expertly mixed to cut through any mix.
  • Versatile Drum Selection: Includes 5 direct kick samples with room sounds, 5 direct snare samples, and 9 toms across various pitches.
  • Signature Quality: Crafted for maximum impact, these samples are pre-blended for ease of use in any DAW or triggering program.

Drumshotz Joey Sturgis:

  • Dynamic Sample Collection: Features 68 total one-shot samples, delivering the quintessential Joey Sturgis sound.
  • Comprehensive Drum Kit: Comes with 5 kick samples, 5 snare samples, and 7 toms, each with direct, overhead, and room variations.
  • Professional Mixing Edge: Elevate your drum mixes with samples that offer the punch and power synonymous with Joey Sturgis' production style.

User Reviews:

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Victor Marez on Drumshotz Joey Sturgis: "Legitimately the BEST pack of samples I’ve ever purchased for music. Holy WOW."
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ahmad on Drumshotz Joey Sturgis Fire Edition: "They cut through the mix really well!"

The Joey Sturgis Drumshotz Bundle is more than just a collection of samples; it's an essential toolkit for modern producers looking to infuse their drum tracks with the intensity and clarity that Joey Sturgis is known for. With these samples at your disposal, your mixes are poised to stand out in the heavy music scene.

You'll Get: