Getting Started with Drumforge Sampler

Getting started with the Sampler

Unpacking your purchase

If your download is a zip file, please use your operating system to unzip the contents to your hard disk to access the installer. If your download is an iso file, follow our installation guide located at

Activate your purchase

Please download and install the new iLok License Manager from!license-manager. This will allow you to register your Drumforge plugin onto your iLok Dongle. iLok 2 or 3 is required to activate your Drumforge 1 license

In order to download your iLok license to you iLok Dongle, please go through the following steps:
1. Launch the iLok License Manager and sign in to your account.
2. Click the button in the upper right corner of the window labeled "Redeem An Activation Code."
3. Enter your Activation Code and click "Next." Your activation code is found on the same page where you initiated the file download.
4. Select your iLok Dongle from the "Activation Location" dialog and click "Activate."
5. You'll receive a confirmation when the license is moved to your iLok Dongle.

For customer support please email

Drumforge, LLC