iLok Instructions

Getting Started with iLok

There are either 2 or 3 steps between you and using your software depending on if you’re a new or existing iLok user.

New iLok Users

  1. Create Your Account
  2. Activate Your License
  3. Deposit Your License

Existing iLok Users

  1. Activate Your License
  2. Deposit Your License

How to create your account

Visit and click Create New Account. Fill out the form with your information and complete your registration. Once finished, download the iLok License Management software and install it on your host machine. Open the software and login to your account. Next you’ll need to Activate your license.

How to activate your license

Before using the software, you need to have an active license on a supported iLok device. To obtain your license, you must activate it with your iLok account. One simple way to begin this process is to simply open your DAW of choice and wait for the dialogue window to appear. You may also open iLok License Manager, sign in, and click Activate.

You will be asked to enter a series of Numbers which is your License Activation Key. Your license key is in your order email. If you’re having trouble finding it, search your inbox for “iLok License Activation Key”. Once you finish typing it in and hit “Next”, your license will be delivered to your account. Next you need to decide where you will deposit your license before using the software.

How to deposit your license

Once your license is associated with your account, you must now deposit the license to a deposit target in order to use it. Supported deposit targets are either your Host Machine, or a second / third generation iLok dongle. Simply open the iLok License Manager, login to your account, select the license from your list of licenses, and drag it to your desired device. That’s it! You’re now ready to rock!

iLok Terms and Definitions

What is a License? This is your “right” to use the software. Think of it like a driver’s license. You can’t operate a vehicle without a driver’s license. Similarly, all users of the software must own a license to use the software. This license is provided by iLok.

What is a License Activation Key? This is a series of numbers used to retrieve your license from iLok and pair it with your iLok account. Once the license is activated, it lives within your account or device unless you transfer it to someone else.

What is a deposit target? This is a supported device where your license can be stored. Typical devices are your Computer otherwise known as “Host Machine”, an iLok dongle, or the iLok Cloud. When you “deposit your license” to a deposit target, you are moving that license from one location to another. If your license is not deposited - it waits inside your iLok account to be deposited to a supported iLok device.