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This product is a virtual instrument audio plugin and includes a versatile collection of programmable drum and cymbal samples.
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Drumforge Bergstrand Drum Sampler Video


  • Fully equipped and powerful virtual drum instrument plugin for programming realistic drum performances of any kind or simply augmenting your existing drum recordings.
  • A custom collection of drum shells hand built by Tony Spinuzzi and Kenny Sienkiewicz of Savior Custom Drums.  All cymbals in this sampler are TRX branded cymbals.
  • Meticulously sampled, these drums were recorded and mixed with various outboard analogue gear to achieve the best possible sounds.
  • Build your perfect virtual drum kit quickly with intuitive UI design and a robust engine optimized for workflow.
  • You decide the engineering setups for each sample, per microphone, so that your drums will always sound how you want them which means unparalleled control in your creative process.
  • Fully featured virtual mixing console with built-in channel inserts so you can get the drum sound in your head without the need for any other mixing plugins.
  • Load your favorite Drumshotz or Wav samples for the ultimate tonal flexibility.
  • Fully configurable midi mapping with presets for other samplers.
  • The Song Builder allows you to quickly write songs using Drumforge Groove Packs
  • Includes 12 Kicks, 12 Snares, 8 Sets of Toms (two sets of 3 and six sets of 2), 4 Hi Hats, 2 Crash Ride, 2 Rides, 7 Crashes, 3 Chinas, 6 Splashes.



This Drumforge + Savior Custom Drums collaboration brings a unique collection of handbuilt custom drums to your DAW. Discover your perfect drum sound with a variety of different tone woods, acrylic hybrids, metals, and a one of a kind kick drum that changes size throughout its length. You’ve never heard a drum sample pack this unique before.


TRX Cymbals have always impressed us with how well they record and translate across mixes, so we believed they are the perfect compliment for our Savior Custom Drums sampler. We formed a partnership with TRX cymbals and handpicked a collection of their cymbals that was extremely versatile and could cover any mix situation. Now you can experience the stunning audio quality of TRX Cymbals in your mixes, recorded in a versatile format which allows you to bend genres at will.


Drumforge Savior Custom Drums takes our sampler concept to an entirely new level, offering more engineering setups than ever before. These setups allow you to take any drum or cymbal and create many different sounds quickly. Switch between different overhead mics on your cymbals and blend in Mid-Side ambience to control their width so they fit perfectly in your mix. Combine different inside and outside kick mics while switching between felt and wood beaters to find the best attack for your mix. Mix several different direct snare mics and versatile ambience combinations to take your snare from natural and tight to big stadium rock in seconds. Create earth shaking low end in your toms with a bottom mic or augment the direct mic with a condenser a few feet up in the air to add new levels of depth. Whatever sound your mix needs is now available to you at the click of a mouse.


Drumforge has given a lot of thought to recreating human-like drum performances and has come up with a few exciting ways to achieve that. Left and right hand sampling allows you to create incredible realism in your fills. Easily, switch between hand performances via programming or by using the Drumforge auto switching detection algorithm. If you want additional control over the velocity and gain of samples, there is a velocity interpretation curve so you can achieve your desired volume difference between the loudest and softest hits. The sampler also features an excellent and time-tested smoothing algorithm in between successive hits to make drum programming sound more like real drum performances.


Mix faster with a powerful, premium mixing engine with built in DSP modules designed specifically for mixing your best drum sounds. In fact, the mixing environment allows you to make near exact recreations of your favorite drum mixes. Insert your favorite Drumshotz or one-shot wav files into your mix for layering and stacking intense drum tones. Whether you are trying to capture the sound of your favorite drum mix or forging your own drum sound, Drumforge Savior gives you the power to get amazing mixes without leaving the plugin.


Suffering from writer’s block? The Drumforge Savior plugin features a simple to use Song Builder designed to make songwriting effortless. Use the Groove & Fill Playlist to quickly find drum grooves and fills. Drag your favorites into the song builder queue to build your song and the intelligent fill logic will automatically insert your selected drum fills at the end of the bars. You’ll spend less time clicking and more time making music, and that’s what matters most.


Drumforge Savior includes European Metal Grooves Vol. 1 Lite to jumpstart your creative process. There is a much more complete groove pack for full immersion into European Metal song writing. Click here to download the full version of these grooves as masterfully performed by drum virtuoso Leo Margarit of Pain Of Salvation.

  • -Drumforge Savior Virtual Instrument Plugin
    -Detailed Sample Library
    -Lite version of the “European Metal Grooves” pack
    -Single User License, 3 iLok Activations
    -Detailed User Manual
  • -FREE iLok account, iLok2/iLok3 dongle not required.
    -A 64 Bit Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW.
    -For Pro Tools customers, you must have version 11 or higher.
    -For Cubase customers, you must have version 6.5 or higher.
  • -Windows 7 and higher (64 bit): VST3, VST2, AAX
    -Mac OSX 10.8 and higher (64 bit): VST3, VST2, AU, AAX
    *Mac Intel based CPUs are officially supported. Unofficial compatibility through Rosetta 2 for Native M1 CPUs. Native M1 CPU support is being worked on for a future update.
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