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Drum SOAP Historic Bundle is a set of TCI drum samples recorded in ambient places along with a systematic ambient envelope shaper audio processing plugin.
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4 Rooms in Multi Sample TCI Format + 40 One Shots for each room (240 total)
  • The Livery: 1 kick, 3 snares, 4 toms
  • The Foundry: 1 kick, 3 snares, 4 toms
  • The Hangar: 1 kick, 3 snares, 4 toms
  • The Chapel: 1 kick, 3 snares, 4 toms

Drum SOAP Samples Historic Edition

  • 4 Kicks, 12 Snares, 16 toms
  • 40 One-Shots per room (6 Kick, 18 Snare, 16 Tom)
  • Each room comes with Chris Baseford's trigger presets
  • Mix-Ready

Welcome to Drum SOAP

SOAP (Sounds of Ambient Places) is for producers, mixers, and song writers who want to augment their drum sounds with realistic spaces that aren't a recording studio. This is meant to replace Digital reverbs with real acoustic spaces that have character. SOAP is a TCI format pack and comes with the ARCUS evnvelope shaping plugin to control the ambiences.

Samples Recorded In Non-Studio Historic Places

Drum SOAP Samples Historic Edition was recorded in four locations (a horse stable, a vineyard, an art gallery, and a chapel) on the east coast of USA - each environment providing it's own unique sound, vibe, and character for use in your drum mixes.

Ultimate Control with Arcus

Arcus - Systematic Ambient Envelope Shaping Plugin featuring SyncBand ADSR Technology

SyncBand ADSR Technology

SyncBand ADSR Technology facilitates advanced ambient sound shaping through dual ADSR envelope mechanisms that operate across two separate frequency ranges. These multi-band ADSR envelopes are triggered simultaneously by the same input source, whether it’s audio, sidechain, or MIDI, allowing for precise and cohesive manipulation of ambient sound dynamics. This unified triggering unveils new layers of sound within ambient samples.

A distinguishing feature of SyncBand is its synchronization capability. The ADSR envelopes are rhythmically controlled by tempo-based musical bars and beats, aligning with the dynamics of the input triggers. This synchronization enables real-time sound sculpting in harmony with the music’s tempo.

Additional features like tilt control, high and low pass filters, and phase inversion augment the sound shaping possibilities, making SyncBand ADSR Technology a comprehensive and intuitive tool for dynamic ambient sound design.

Product Features

SyncBand ADSR Technology

  • Wide and Multi-Dual ADSR Envelopes.
  • Operate across two separate frequency ranges.
  • Triggered simultaneously by a single input source (audio, sidechain, or MIDI).
Input Signal Triggers - SyncBand ADSR Technology employs three primary types of input signal triggers - Audio, Sidechain, and MIDI. Each trigger type has unique features that allow for versatile control over the ADSR envelopes.
  • Audio Trigger
    • The audio trigger employs a threshold control, activating the ADSR envelopes when the input audio signal surpasses the specified threshold level.
    • Additionally, filters are utilized to narrow down the frequency range, ensuring that the triggering is more precise and in line with the desired frequency components of the audio signal.
  • Sidechain Trigger
    • The sidechain trigger utilizes filters to narrow down the frequency range from where it accepts the triggering signal. By honing in on specific frequency bands, users can ensure that the ADSR envelopes are activated by the desired elements within a complex audio signal.
  • MIDI Trigger
    • MIDI triggering allows for precise control by activating the ADSR envelopes in response to MIDI signals. This enables synchronization with other MIDI-controlled elements within a project, providing a high level of rhythmic and expressive control.
Synchronization Capability
  • Rhythmically control ADSR envelopes using tempo-based musical bars and beats.
  • Synchronize envelope shaping with dynamic input triggers for real-time sound sculpting.
Independent Control
  • Each frequency band's ADSR envelope can be manipulated independently, despite sharing a common trigger.
Enhanced Sound Shaping Tools
  • Tilt Control for adjusting spectral balance.
  • High and Low Pass Filters for frequency content control.
  • Phase Inversion to correct phase issues or create unique sound textures.
Dynamic Ambient Sound Design
  • Discover new sound layers and textures within ambient samples.
  • Create engaging and expressive soundscapes in harmony with the rhythm.

What you'll get:

  • Drum SOAP Samples Historic Edition
    • Over 4 GB of samples!
  • Arcus Plugin - Perpetual License
    • 3 Activation Locations (Host Machine, or Dongle), dongle not required

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10+ or MacOSX 10.14+ Operating System
  • Free iLok account required to use Arcus, no dongle necessary
  • Supported DAW
    • Cubase
    • Reaper
    • Pro Tools
    • Logic
    • Garageband
    • Ableton Live
    • Studio One
    • FL Studio
    • Digital Performer
    • LUNA