Kickforge is an instrument for building kick sounds created for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

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Kickforge Video Manual and Tutorial


  • Fully automatable kick drum building system for crafting unique drum sounds, create 120+ possible kick drums
  • Combine different tops and bottoms to make a kick drum sound that fits any modern mix
  • Powerful and innovative DSP that is designed around musicality and speed
  • Control the decay of each sound as well as filter out unwanted frequencies so your kick sound locks into your mix every time
  • Low end harmonic toggle allows your low end to punch through on smaller listening systems
  • One shot toggle for ultra aggressive music or multi samples by default for realistic performance creation
  • Custom crafted presets build for genre defining productions are provided for leading the next generation of modern mixing

Punch Through Any Modern Mix

    Kickforge is a fully automatable kick building arsenal designed to stand out in any modern mix. Combine a unique collection of premixed kick tops and kick bottoms to create over 120 unique kick drums. These sounds were not only recorded in a world renowned metal studio, but carefully crafted and rigorously tested in real world mixes to deliver all the punch, detail, and clarity you could possibly need in modern productions.

Incredible Tone Shaping Flexibility

    Powerful features like independent channel filtering, harmonics, sustain, and custom designed fx section allow to you create a kick drum that will fit precisely in your mix with little effort. Never has getting a modern kick sound been so fast and easy. Dial in kick sounds for nearly any modern genre of music that requires a kick worth being noticed.

Inspire Creativity

    Easily find a kick sound that inspires you. Kickforge allows you to create a kick sound so quickly that it will unlock your creativity. It was designed to save you valuable time so you can focus more on your music.

  • Custom Kontakt Instrument
    User Manual
  • An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW and at least one of the following:
    Kontakt 5 (Full Version) or greater.
    NOTE: Runs in Demo Mode in Kontakt Player
  • Copyright Drumforge, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    Drumforge is a registered trademark of Drumforge, LLC
    Kontakt is a registered trademark of Native Instruments

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