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This product is a set of wav files.
Production Sample Packs are a simple and easy to use set of audio samples to make your music productions sound incredible.
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Drumforge Bergstrand Drum Sampler Video


  • Sample, loop, and sound collection from Composer/Sound Designer/Producer David Levy (Doom Eternal, RWBY, gen:LOCK, Red vs. Blue) for sound design, video games, and music production.
  • 413 samples total in 44.1 kHz, 24 bit WAV format.
    • 11 Ambient Tension
    • 150 Bass Synths
    • 26 Dirty Kicks
    • 26 Dirty Kicks
    • 8 Hi Hats
    • 83 Hybrid Impacts
    • 6 Hybrid Snares
    • 21 Mangled Loops
    • 20 Rhythmic Synths
    • 5 Shepards Tones
    • 44 Synth Sub kicks
  • For use in any DAW. Royalty free!


Whether you are writing the score to the next hit video game, doing sound design on a blockbuster movie, or adding unique elements to a song, Drumforge Production Packs give you the tools to create the hottest trending sounds on the market. Drumforge Production Packs are collections of different types of sounds like atmospheres, impacts, basslines, and loops for composers, song writers, producers and mixers to use to bring their music to life. Get the tools you need to stay on top of the hottest trends in sound design.


Composer/Sound Designer/Producer David Levy who has worked on massive projects like Doom Eternal (The Ancient Gods), RWBY, gen:LOCK, and Red vs. Blue brings you a collection of mix-ready samples, synths, and loops that will allow you to create the most in-demand sounds inspired by his work on Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods and other popular games. Created with his favorite hardware and sound design tools, this unique pack gives you the sound of big-budget productions. Get the adrenaline pumping with terrifying ambient tension elements, drive punishing intensity into your mixes with crushing impacts, and use mangled loops and distorted synths to take the energy of your productions to a new level. No matter the task, the Inferno Production Sample Pack gives you a powerful collection of brutal and aggressive sounds that make creating intense music easy and fun.