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This product is an audio plugin for use within a DAW.
DF-XCITE is a multi-band harmonic exciter made to add life and vibrancy to your drum mix.
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XCITE your drums with DF-XCITE Video


  • Excite your tonal soundscape in a musical way using the Mode control
  • Add power and presence without increasing volume
  • Control the punch in your drums without destroying dynamic character
  • Three distinguished saturation types per band to add life and vibrancy to your sound
  • Blend your enhancements using the unique mix control per band
  • Engage oversampling via the HQ button to improve audio resolution


Drumforge offers its first audio plugin designed for mixing drums. DF-XCITE provides new layers of control over your drum mix by allowing you to add life and vibrancy with harmonic XCITE-ment. Make any dull drum mix sound XCITE-ing with DF-XCITE.


The controls are arranged into four independent bands of harmonic saturation, each with three unique modes or saturation types. Bands can be turned on and off and saturation is blended via the individual mix knobs. Choose your mode, set your drive, and dial in your mix. Now you're XCITE-ing your drums and creating great sounding music.

Musical Modes

Make musical adjustments using your desired Mode and better control the punch in your drums without destroying the dynamic character. DF-XCITE will enhance even your most favorite drum mix by allowing you to add power and presence without increasing the volume. Bring out the tonal shape of your productions and excite those captured moments with DF-XCITE.

  • Audio Plug-in (Single User License)
    User Manual
  • An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW. See your DAW manual for which plug-in formats it supports.
  • Windows (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AAX, RTAS
    Mac OSX (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS - Intel Only
    Note: The RTAS specification does not provide 64 bit support.
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