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This product is a set of wav files.
DRUMSHOTZ is a simple and easy to use set of one-shot drum samples to make your drum mixes sound incredible.
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  • 5 Shout Shotz
  • 5 Curse Words
  • 9 Insults
  • 20 Positive Energy Phrases
  • 30 Dominating Adjectives

    Introducing Drumshotz Joel’s One-Liners - the ultimate criticism and performance coaching sample pack for music producers! With over 69 different phrases to choose from, this royalty-free pack includes 5 Shout Shotz, 5 Curse Words, 9 Insults, 20 Positive Energy Phrases, and 30 Dominating Adjectives - providing you with plenty of options to help your artist stop messing up and finally get those tracks done.

    What makes these samples stand out is the attention to detail in their production. Each phrase has been carefully written, recorded, and edited to ensure a natural and impactful reproduction of Joel’s voice in your session.

    Drumshotz Joel’s One-Liners gives you the ability to have Joel Wanasek himself yell at your artist! With the included insults and challenging criticisms, you can make it sound like Joel is pushing your artist to their limits and bringing out their best performance. And if your artist needs motivation, the positive energy quotes will boost their confidence and keep them focused. It’s like having Joel in the room to hype them up!

    Incorporating actual vocal recordings from a world-renowned producer and engineer adds a new level of performance coaching to your sessions. The included curse words and hyperbole add humor and attitude to keep your artists entertained and engaged.

    Whether you want to hype up your artist or inject pure no-small-time energy into your recording sessions, Drumshotz Joel’s One-Liners is the perfect tool for the job. These samples are sure to grab your artists’ attention and help make their takes stand out like no other!

    Don't settle for anything less - order your copy of Drumshotz Joel’s One-Liners today and take your music production to the next level!