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Kickforge is a virtual instrument plugin for kick drum design. With tone-shaping controls & full automation, it has everything you need for crafting unique, professional kicks across all genres of music.
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Getting the perfect kick drum for your mix has never been so easy.


  • Fully automatable kick drum creation tool for crafting unique kick sounds
  • Individually selectable attack and sub samples allow you to quickly create 2,900+ kick drum combinations to find your perfect kick sound for any mix of any genre
  • Includes both acoustic and electronic kick drum samples, hand built and real world tested by industry professionals
  • Powerful and innovative mixing processors (EQ, Compression, Transient) designed for musicality and speed
  • Control the sustain of each sample and filter out unwanted frequencies so your kick sound locks perfectly into your mix every time
  • Harmonics switch injects your low-end with harmonic density to punch through any mix
  • Get realistic acoustic kick drums with multi-samples by default or enable the One-Shot switch for ultra aggressive music styles
  • Mix-ready producer presets from EDM to Death Metal and everything in between are provided for getting started quickly along with the ability to create your own user presets

The Ultimate Kick Creation Tool

Kickforge, a powerful virtual instrument audio plugin, is a fully automatable kick building arsenal designed to stand out in any modern mix. Combine a unique collection of premixed kick attacks and kick subs to create over 2,900+ unique kick drums. These sounds were not only recorded in a world-renowned studio, but also carefully crafted and rigorously tested in real world mixes to deliver all the punch, detail, and clarity you could possibly need in modern productions.

Incredible Tone Shaping Flexibility

Powerful features like Independent Channel Filtering, Harmonics, Sustain, and a custom-designed Mixer Section allow you to create a kick drum that will fit precisely in your mix with little effort. Never has getting a modern kick sound been so quick and easy. Kickforge gives you all of the control you’ll ever need to create the perfect kick, no matter the mix or genre.

Inspire Creativity

Find kick sounds that spark inspiration. Kickforge allows you to create a kick sound so effortlessly with our quick, intuitively designed interface that you’re sure to unlock your creativity. It was designed from the ground up to save you valuable time – time that’s better spent focusing on creating your music.

What the pros say


What You'll Get

Kickforge Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin

  • Single User License, Single License Activation
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX formats 64 bit
  • Requires: free iLok account - no dongle required (iLok Cloud Not Supported)
  • User Manual

Drumforge's Factory Library

  • 13 Natural Acoustic Subs
  • 40 Electronic Subs
  • 24 Multi-sample Natural Acoustic Tops
  • 32 Electronic One-shot Tops

Vorso's Sample & Preset Pack

  • 30 Presets for Drum & Bass
  • 20 Top and Transient Samples
  • 20 Body Layer Samples
  • Great collection of sounds and presets to get you going with Drum & Bass Music
  • Quick and adaptable as well as having more character for being a big feature your tracks
From Vorso:

"I created these samples specifically for people to use in the context of dnb + halftime bass music. I based all of them on the kinds of characteristics I look for when creating a kick for any of my tunes. I ideally want stuff to be punchy and hard hitting, but sometimes I layer really weird longer tails into my kicks to make them a more feature piece of the track. Many of the samples are synthesised using sine waves, passed through vocoders, phase distorted or otherwise transformed. I'm hoping that they'll provide both a quick and easy source of strong kick sounds as well as be a source of inspiration."

Atrium Audio Presets

  • 9 Presets useable for EDM, Rock, and Metal
From Grant and Carson:

"We spent some time trying out different samples and played with all of the options that Kickforge included. You can get a lot of wildly different sounds just with a few simple clicks! We hope these presets help push some boundaries for various genres!"

Kane Churko Presets

  • 10 Presets for Rock, Metal, EDM, and beyond
  • Crafted by powerhouse platinum producer Kane Churko
  • Wide range of fun and interesting offerings to create insane sounding kicks
From Kane:

"These presets are a range of alternative kicks that can be used to build a track around or supplement an existing mix. I find myself most interested in superhuman kick drums that can live in an industrial metal song, an electronic production or a standard active rock jam. I like presets to be inspiring so I think you’ll find each of these has a unique flavor to them that sets them apart from each other or from a traditional kick drum. Often a kick drum can be the first element I build a production around so my focus with these presets was to build inspiring sources to do exactly that!"

Prince Fox Presets

  • 9 Presets for use in EDM productions
  • Wide range of tightly crafted kicks for maximum punch and power
From Prince:

"These samples will certainly get users up and running quickly with a great kick sound you can go on with or tweak to your heart's desire!"

    • Audio Plug-in (Single User License) , 3 iLok activations
    • User Manual
    • 13 Natural Acoustic Subs
    • 40 Electronic Subs
    • 24 Multi-sample Natural Acoustic Tops
    • 32 Electronic One-shot Tops
    • Vorso's Sample & Preset Pack
    • Atrium Audio Presets by Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak
    • Kane Churko Presets
    • Prince Fox Presets
  • An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW. See your DAW manual for which plug-in formats it supports.
    FREE iLok account required, iLok dongle NOT required. iLok Cloud not supported.
    For Pro Tools customers, you must have version 11 or higher. For Cubase customers, you must have version 6.5 or higher.
  • Windows 7 and higher (64 bit Only): VST2, VST3, AAX
    Mac OSX 10.9 and higher (64 bit Only): VST2, VST3, AU, AAX Big Sur is not supported
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