About Drumforge

Joe Wohlitz Joey Sturgis and Joel Wanasek at Drumforge

Who are we?

We are Joe Wohlitz, Joey Sturgis, and Joel Wanasek. Here at Drumforge we believe that the software you use to create music with should be designed by experienced working professionals as well as inspired from the need to solve real world problems. The creators of Drumforge have worked on albums that have cumulatively sold in the millions. In addition to that, Drumforge globally seeks out and brings together brilliant people, at the top of their fields to create audio solutions. Our team is extremely passionate about pushing the envelope of what is possible.

What do we do?

Our mission is to improve the quality of audio that is being produced in both the home and professional studio. We design tools to take the technical process out of making music so you can connect better to the emotion and passion of the songs you are creating. Simply put, our goal is to make your creativity flow effortlessly.

How do we do it?

By traveling to unique world class facilities to record unique drums. Using our many years of experience in recording drums, we aim to record our sample libraries with a wide variety of techniques that give the user more creative options than ever before. During the recording process, our libraries are recorded on the finest gear available and captured with extreme precision to ensure they sound as realistic as possible in use. After meticulously capturing of audio, these libraries are then mixed by top notch mixers to give you indispensable creative tools.