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Drum Vault Eyal Levi is a collection of multi-sampled, multi-layered, and multi-velocity TCI drum samples originally offered as “Eyal Levi Expansion” for Kontakt. Requires Trigger.
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  • Mix-ready drum samples in TCI format for use with Slate Trigger 2.0
  • Recorded and mixed by Eyal Levi (Dååth, Monuments, The Black Dahlia Murder)
  • Captured in a professional studio environment with state-of-the-art analog gear
  • Multiple velocities, round-robin sampling for realistic dynamic performances
  • Drum Vault Eyal Levi includes multi-sample recordings of:
    • 3 kick drums
    • 3 snare drums
    • 3 sets of toms (2 three-tom sets, 1 two-tom set)

Welcome to The Drum Vault

The Drum Vault brings to you curated collections of highly desired drums, recorded and mixed in the highest quality environments so that you can achieve a massive amount of tonal flexibility in your productions. Based on your direct feedback from the incredible success of our Drumshotz and Sampler platforms, you have requested a tool to bridge the gap between the simplicity of Drumshotz but doesn’t require the full-on complexity of a sampler. The Drum Vault was born to give you the ability to get the perfect sound for your mix quickly.

About Eyal Levi

Eyal Levi is not only an accomplished songwriter having composed concertos at the age of 17, but he’s also a respected producer known for achieving unstoppable drum tones!

Eyal has worked with some of the biggest bands in death metal and industrial metal — from his work as a founding member and guitarist of Dååth, to the bands he’s produced/mixed/engineered including The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Carnifex, Job for a Cowboy, Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, The Contortionist, Motionless in White, Conquering Dystopia, Monuments, and many more.

He also invests heavily in the broader metal and rock music communities through his educational work with Unstoppable Recording Machine and Riffhard — platforms he co-founded to help share production knowledge, recording techniques, and other lessons/materials with musicians virtually.

What you're getting

TCI files (and triggered drums as a category) are designed to give you the best of both worlds — satisfying the need for realistic sounding drums while addressing the issues associated with tracking in a less-than-ideal environment. Drum Vault Eyal Levi goes beyond the basics.

A basic TCI file is going to include a few different samples at a few different velocities (unless it’s a one-shot sample). This can work in a pinch, but if you want to avoid the dreaded “machine gun effect”, you’ll want to work with files that are tracked round-robin.

Round-Robin Sampling

Round-robin sampling involves recording drums in a way that enables end users to play the same note repetitively and trigger different versions of the same hit. Sampling drums in this way makes it easy to create natural variations, removing the static patterns that listeners associate with poorly programmed drums.

Multi-Velocity Drums

Recording drums at multiple velocities and organizing them in a way that naturally progresses from 0-127 creates more realism in triggered drums. When paired with round-robin sampling, you end up with a hyper realistic sounding drum performance that can closely mimic the performance of any drummer as if they were equipped with high-end gear and tracking with Eyal himself!

Straight From the Source

Drum Vault Eyal Levi is a modern take on some of the most iconic heavy metal drums recorded and mixed by Eyal over the course of his career. It’s built from his highly acclaimed expansion pack previously offered for Drumforge 1, updated for the Trigger 2.0 TCI format.

NOTE: Owners of the original Drumforge 1 - Eyal Levi Expansion Pack (no longer sold) have access to TCI files and should not need to upgrade to Drum Vault Eyal Levi unless they’re experiencing difficulties with the legacy product.