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This product is a virtual instrument audio plugin and includes a versatile collection of award winning drum samples.

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Your next generation drum sampler


  • Drum sampler for writing, performing, and mixing realistic drums without needing a drummer, world class recording studio, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in gear
  • Hyper optimized and lightning fast drum sample engine so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating
  • Harness your creativity with our award winning sample library of 54 drums and 14 cymbals as heard on many major label recordings, radio, and broadcast television
  • Build your perfect drum kit quickly and creatively with a practical approach via the intuitive UI design
  • Change engineering setups and select processed or unprocessed samples per microphone for unparalleled flexibility
  • Powerful mixer allows you to get the drum sound in your head without leaving the plugin
  • Built in DSP designed and optimized specifically for making your drums sound great
  • Fully configurable midi mapping with presets for help with interpreting maps from other samplers.


This sampler is the fastest, most powerful drum sampler on the market. Built from the ground up to be optimized for speed and performance so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating. The practical user interface enables you to create your best drum sounds more effectively than ever before. Whether you need a quick drum kit for songwriting or a drum mix that will be the star of your next big radio hit, Drumforge delivers the results you need when you need them most.


The sampler includes our award winning sample library made from a unique collection of highly sought after drums chosen for their sound on recordings. Each drum has been carefully multi-sampled using a variety of clever engineering techniques to provide you with endless possibilities in drum tone creation at the touch of a fader. The attention to detail at every corner is why this library won the Pro Tools Expert Editor's Choice Award and also been featured on many major label recordings, radio singles, and television broadcasts.


To supercharge our award-winning drum sample library, we created a powerful, premium mixing engine with built in DSP modules designed specifically for mixing your best drum sounds. In fact, the mixing environment allows you to make near exact recreations of your favorite drum mixes. We’ve even included some of ours as presets. Whether you are trying to capture the sound of your favorite drum mix or forging your own drum sound, the sampler gives you the power to get amazing mixes without leaving the plugin.


With the release of the Drumforge Sampler, we begin an exciting new journey, a journey that we invite you to take with us. We want this to be the first drum sampler that is truly yours. Commitment to our users is one of the things that we pride ourselves with the most. We will be listening to all of your user feedback on future enhancements to make this the perfect drum sampler for you. What this means is that future requests, along with our own updates, will be made available for FREE for the lifetime of the sampler. No paid minor updates. No gimmicks. Take part in the future of drum sampling and help create the next generation of drum production.

  • 13.6 GB Installation file
    Single iLok Activation Code , 3 iLok activations
    User Manuals
  • FREE iLok account, iLok2/iLok3 dongle not required.
    An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW. See your DAW manual for which plug-in formats it supports.
    For Pro Tools customers, you must have version 11 or higher.
    For Cubase customers, you must have version 6.5 or higher.
  • Windows 7 and higher (32 & 64 bit): VST3, AAX
    Mac OSX 10.8 and higher (32 & 64 bit): VST3, AU, AAX*Big Sur not supported.
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