Drumshotz Colin Brittain

This product is a set of wav files.
DRUMSHOTZ is a simple and easy to use set of one-shot drum samples to make your drum mixes sound incredible.


  • One Shot signature sample collection from producer Colin Brittain.
  • 61 samples total in 44.1 kHz, 24 bit .wav format. 
  • For use with your favorite triggering program or in any DAW.
  • 12 kick drum samples.
  • 33 snare samples.
  • 16 tom samples.

    Level-up Your Drum Mixes.

    One shot samples are powerful weapons for enhancing your drum mixes as they provide you with the extra punch and consistency you need to cut through any mix. Many professional mixers have highly coveted collections of one shot drum samples which are refined over years of mixing. This is how they achieve their signature drum sound no matter the quality of the source recording. Drumshotz is a series of highly coveted drum samples from professional mixers to enhance, blend, or replace drum sounds in your mixes. Inject heavy gainz into your drum mixes today with Drumshotz and experience a whole new level of punch, impact, and power.

    DRUMSHOTZ - Colin Brittain Signature Pack.

    Producer/songwriter/mixer Colin Brittain brings you a collection of mix ready one-shot drum samples that will add power and punch to your songs. Now you can get drum sounds directly from Colin’s hit songs with artists like Papa Roach, Hands Like Houses, Dashboard Confessional, and Stick To Your Guns instantly into your mix with these one-shot samples. Mix and match your favorite sample libraries or raw drum recordings with the Colin Brittain signature DRUMSHOTZ today and discover a fresh take on your sound.

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