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This product is an audio plugin for use within a DAW. Arcus is a simple and easy-to-use ambient envelope shaping audio processing plugin.
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SyncBand ADSR Technology: Operates across two separate frequency ranges with Wide and Multi-Dual ADSR Envelopes.

Input Signal Triggers: Arcus can be triggered from incoming audio, MIDI, or sidechain signals.

Synchronization Capabilities: Sync Arcus with the tempo of your DAW to eliminate the guesswork of adjusting parameters in milliseconds.

Each frequency band's ADSR envelope can be independently adjusted, despite sharing a common trigger, for precise control.

Includes Tilt Control for spectral balance, High and Low Pass Filters for managing frequency content, and Phase Inversion for correcting or creatively altering sounds.

Explore new layers and textures in ambient samples and craft your own unique and dynamic sound!



Powered by SyncBand ADSR Technology, Arcus enhances ambient sounds through dual ADSR envelopes across two frequency ranges. This is simultaneously triggered by audio, sidechain, or MIDI for precise sound manipulation. This technology unveils new layers within ambient samples and syncs the ADSR envelopes with musical tempo for real-time sound sculpting. Equipped with Tilt Control, High and Low Pass Filters, and Phase Inversion, Arcus is a comprehensive and intuitive tool for dynamic ambient sound design.



Arcus uses three primary types of input signal triggers - Audio, Sidechain, and MIDI. Each trigger type offers unique features for versatile control over the ADSR envelopes.

  • Audio Trigger features a threshold control to activate ADSR envelopes when input levels exceed a set limit, enhanced by filters that refine frequency range for precise triggering.
  • Sidechain Trigger employs filters to focus on specific frequency bands, ensuring ADSR envelopes activate based on targeted elements within the audio signal.
  • MIDI Trigger activates the ADSR envelopes in response to MIDI signals, enabling precise synchronization with other MIDI-controlled elements for enhanced rhythmic and expressive control.
  • Synchronization Capability: Arcus offers synchronization capabilities that rhythmically control ADSR envelopes using tempo-based musical bars and beats, aligning envelope shaping with dynamic input triggers. This synchronization allows for real-time sound sculpting, seamlessly integrating with the music's rhythm to enhance your audio projects.


Arcus allows for adjustments of each frequency band's ADSR envelope individually, with pinpoint accuracy. Even though these envelopes share a common trigger, you can adjust each one separately. This provides unparalleled control over the sound shaping process, enabling you to tailor and fine-tune the dynamics of each frequency band to enhance your mix!



With Arcus, you have a range of options for precise sound manipulation. Tilt Control adjusts spectral balance, while High and Low Pass Filters control the high and low frequencies. Additionally, Phase Inversion can correct or creatively alter phase issues, offering you the flexibility to craft unique sounds.



Arcus allows you to explore and create new sounds with ambient samples, elevating the size and depth of your mix. It is perfect for producers looking to incorporate intricate and dynamic ambient elements into their projects.



  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW
  • FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 or above (64 bit): VST3, AAX
  • macOS 10.14 or above (Intel or M-Series, 64 bit): VST3, AU, AAX

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Garageband
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA


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