Drumforge Djent Grooves: Vol. 1

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Type: Groove Pack


  • 402 total drum grooves and fills performed by Brody Taylor Smith
  • Covers everything from big bounce grooves to odd time feels
  • Included midi files for use in any DAW or other plugins
  • Integrates directly with the Drumforge Bergstrand Sampler

All Drumforge Groove Packs Feature:

  • Realistic drum performances by world class drummers
  • Build songs quickly with drum grooves organized by individual parts of songs
  • Use as building blocks to write new songs or refresh existing demos
  • Works great as a practice or production tool
  • Easily adjust dynamics and tempo to your liking


The World’s Best Drummers In Your DAW.

Got a sick riff idea and want to have some of the world’s best drummers play on your song without having to pay thousands of dollars to hire them? No problem. Now, you can create music with the help of some of the best drummers in the world with Drumforge Groove Packs. These performances are captured in midi format and integrate with your Drumforge Bergstrand Sampler or in your DAW. Enjoy writing songs with ease, playing with world-class drummers, and experience endless creativity in your music production process.

Djent Metal Grooves.

Drumforge Djent Metal Grooves: Vol. 1 features a wide variety of Djent grooves covering many odd time signatures and feels which have defined the genre. They were meticulously prepared by drummer Brody Taylor Smith (@brodytaylorsmith). Get all of the groove and fills you could ever need to make your djent riffs bounce.

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