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Tom Arsenal is a set of TCI and WAV files.
The Drum Vault brings you collections of highly desired drums, recorded and mixed in the highest quality environments.


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  • Mix tom samples to elevate your song productions
  • Recorded in four different sounding drum rooms for maximum tonal flexibility
  • 22 Tom sets in total
    • Room 1 - Wood Room - 8 Sets
      • 3 Five tom sets
      • 2 Four tom sets
      • 2 Three tom sets
      • 1 Two tom set
    • Room 2 - Brick Room - 4 Sets
      • 2 Three tom sets
      • 2 Two tom sets
    • Room 3 - Vibe Room - 3 Sets
      • 2 Three tom sets
      • 1 Two tom set
    • Room 4 - Hybrid Room - 7 Sets
      • 2 Three tom sets
      • 5 Two tom sets
  • Recorded and mixed with high-quality analog gear
  • Multiple engineering setups for easy sonic sculpting
  • Multiple velocities, round-robin sampling for realistic dynamic performances


The Tom Arsenal Includes 

  • Processed TCI Files for 22 Tom Sets
    • TCI for each individual microphone texture per Tom
    • TCI presets for quick loading all microphone textures per Tom
    • Raw (unprocessed) multi-sample, multi-velocity WAV files for all 22 Tom Sets for you to remix

      Welcome to The Drum Vault

      The Drum Vault brings to you curated collections of highly desired drums, recorded and mixed in the highest quality environments so that you can achieve a massive amount of tonal flexibility in your productions. Based on your direct feedback from the incredible success of our Drumshotz and Sampler platforms, you have requested a tool to bridge the gap between the simplicity of Drumshotz but doesn’t require the full-on complexity of a sampler. The Drum Vault was born to give you the ability to get the perfect sound for your mix quickly.

      Every Tom Set You'll Ever Need

      Imagine having an arsenal of 22 amazing mix-ready tom sets at your disposal and being able to find your ideal tom sound easily. That is powerful. Now picture being able to take this dream tom set and find the perfect blend of tone, ambiance, and punch to fit your unique production style. That is truly the next level. Drum Vault - Tom Arsenal gives you a massive collection of spectacular toms for you to deliver an amazing mix.

      22 Tom Sets, Recorded Across 4 Rooms

      We traveled to 4 unique studios known for their drum sounds. Then we curated a collection of the best tom sets from local drum techs and producers who were intimate with these environments. These drums were painstakingly sampled. Then we mixed them with the unique hardware available to bring out the character and unique tone of each room. Then we prepared each drum so you could quickly find the perfect sound for your mix.

      Mix Ready

      These samples are mixed to competitive and commercial standards to fit into your mixes. They sound fantastic without being over-processed. These toms take well to additional post-processing like EQ, Compression, and Transient Design if you like a more hyped sound. The multi-sampled versions were designed to offer maximum realism. Raw WAV files for each Tom were also provided for your own processing if you choose to go that route.