December 21, 2016

DF-Q Update v1.0.5

DF-Q get's an update today to version 1.0.5. To download your update, check your inbox or contact

Drumforge DF-Q - Change Log
December 12th, 2016
Version 1.0.5

DF-Q is the first eq designed by mix engineers specifically for mixing drums to bridge the gap between technicality and musicality. Drumforge has taken some of the most popular and sought after drum eq techniques and combined them into one plugin, allowing you to get the eq results that you need without requiring you to own different types of equalizers.
▪ [VST3] No sound output in Magix Samplitube Pro X3 and Sequoia
▪ [Windows VST2/3] GUI size does not fit window at 125% window resolution scaling
▪ [VST2] Automation

▪ N/A

[New Features]
▪ N/A

[Known Issues]
▪ Double click to enter values manually to be added
▪ [Deferred] VU Meter needle will flicker at in-between .dB positions when idle

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