This product is an audio plugin for use within a DAW.
DF-CLIP is a tone shaping multi-band clipper which allows your drums to cut through any mix.

Cut through ANY mix with DF-CLIP


  • Powerful multiband clipper to focus the tone and harmonics of your drum sounds
  • Process the low-end independently from the high-end for total dynamics control
  • The built in Tilt EQ shapes your drum sounds with warmth and clarity
  • Includes a FREE 35 page E-Book about clipping and mixing drums


Have you ever struggled with getting your drums to cut through a dense mix? DF-CLIP can bring the body of your drum closer to the transient without losing attack. The tone and harmonics of your drum sound deserve to be at the forefront of your mix. Don’t let your snares get smashed by your mastering engineer. Lock-in your drum mix with DF-CLIP.


If you’ve ever clipped a drum before then you’ve probably noticed the distortion that occurs in the lower midrange when the clipper is pushed too hard. DF-CLIP allows you to push the extremes of drum clipping with better preservation of your sound. Automate each crossover band independently for maximum of control over your drum dynamics.

Musical Tilt EQ

DF-CLIP's built-in Tilt EQ is a musical tone control for balancing clarity and warmth. Need a little more snap on the snare or a bit more thump in your kick? Turn this knob to improve the tonal balance in just a few seconds. Shaping your drum sound has never been easier.

  • Audio Plug-in (Single User License)
    User Manual
  • An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW. See your DAW manual for which plug-in formats it supports.
  • Windows (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AAX, RTAS
    Mac OSX (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS*Big Sur not supported.
    Note: The RTAS specification does not provide 64 bit support.
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